Of sensations and emotions. Swing dance shoes.

It is known that all the sensations and emotions we need to express start with our feet. Almost magically, to the sound of the swing, the rhythm enters through the soles of your shoes, rises through your legs and reaches straight to the heart, so that you can’t help but fly… it’s the Lindy Hop, one of the most personal and fun dances of the 30s and 40s.

And it was from these feelings that Swingz Lindy Shoes was born. Counting on the experience and the guarantee of Begoña Cervera’s dance shoes, handmade for 15 years with the quality of the made in spain; We found the perfect symbiosis between the professional dance shoe, the design and the glamour typical of that time, where the first swing dancers, wore bright colors, with risky combinations to illuminate with their shoes the dark places full of smoke.

As it is a dance style where the whole foot is used, the “Swingz” have a leather sole that favors the slide; and a wide last with a round and reinforced toe, to avoid “stomping” by some absent-minded leader.

If you are a flirty Hopper you can customize your Swingz by choosing from a wide range of colors, leather textures and heel styles and dream of one of the models that keep that retro aesthetic so elegant and full of femininity.

We hope you like them.




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