Our Beginnings

Our fast-growing enthusiasm for LINDY HOP has led us to develop a professional and dedicated project immersed in the world of SWING. Our aim is to express beauty and femininity through hand-made shoe-manufacturing, achieving a perfect mix of music and dance, and allowing you to personally and uniquely craft the shoes you would most like to wear in your performances.

A dream come true

Our shoes have a wide toe box for greater comfort, providing the space you need to stretch and flex your feet easily. They are also reinforced with a protective heel and toecap to prevent being hurt while you are dancing. Swingz are solidly constructed and well-fitting to help you keep balance when you dance, but also soft and comfortable inside to carefully protect your feet at all times.

Your custom shoe

From the minute you order your shoes until you receive them, we commit to a creative custom manufacturing process where you choose your materials, colour, style and heel height. Our personalized shoe advisors are always here to help, because we want your uniquely designed shoes to fit you as you deserve.